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Research Output

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Articles in Peer-reviewed Journals

Fordred-Green, L.J. 2004. Introduction: Space and the body: Rethinking the division between biological and sociocultural anthropology. Anthropology Southern Africa, 27(1&2): 1-2.

Fordred-Green, L.J. and Green, D.R. 2004. From chronological to spatio-temporal histories: Mapping heritage in Arukwa, Área Indígena do Uaçá, Brazil. Anthropology Southern Africa, 27(1&2): 19-26.

Goodrich, A. 2004. Scaling culture: Rock climbing and the embodied nature of spatial knowledge. Anthropology Southern Africa, 27(1&2): 27-34.

Levine, S. 2004. Documentary film and HIV/AIDS: New directions for applied visual anthropology in southern Africa. Visual Anthropology Review, 19(1&2): 57-72.

Levine, S. 2004. Steps for the future [Actually, Life is a beautiful thing]: An introduction by the STEPS project staff. Visual Anthropology Review, 19(1&2): 8-12.

Levine, S. and Chesselet, J. 2004. The heart of the cheetah: Biography, identity and social change in north-western Namibia. Anthropology Southern Africa, 27(1&2): 11-18.

Ross, F.C. 2004. Dependents and dependence: A case study of housing and heuristics in an informal settlement in the Western Cape. Social Dynamics-A Journal of the Centre for African Studies University of Cape Town, 29(2): 132-152.

Ross, F.C. 2004. Sense-scapes: Senses and emotion in the making of place. Anthropology Southern Africa, 27(1&2): 35-42.

Spiegel, A.D. 2004. Walking memories and growing amnesia in the land claims process: Lake St Lucia, South Africa. Anthropology Southern Africa, 27(1&2): 3-10.

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Chapters in Books

Reynolds, P.F. and Ross, F.C. 2004. Voices not heard: Small histories and the work of repair. In E. Doxtader and C. Villa-Vicencio (Eds.), To repair the irreparable: Reparation and reconstruction in South Africa: 106-114. South Africa: David Philip.

Ross, F.C. 2004. Women and the politics of identity: Voices in the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. In V. Broch-Due (Ed.), Violence and belonging: The quest for identity in post-colonial Africa: 214-235. New York and London: Routledge.

Sichone, O.B. 2004. New African social movements in a globalising world. In Y.N. Seleti (Ed.), Africa since 1990: 47-75. South Africa: New Africa Books.

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Theses and Dissertations Passed for Higher Degrees

Crosswaite, I. 2004. Travelling objects, masking commerce: The social life of African objects in Cape Town: i-x & 1-257. PhD, University of Cape Town.

Domingos Paulo, M.D. 2004. Fertility, sexuality and HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns in Mafalala Barrio, Maputo, Mozambique: 1-73. MSocSc (Social Anthropology), University of Cape Town.

Gaude, T.F. 2004. Reluctant Germans: Performing identity abroad: 1-65. MA (Social Anthropology), University of Cape Town.

Goncalves, E.F. 2004. Local powers and decentralization in Southern Mozambique: The case of the administrative post of Mocumbi: i-xix & 1-89. MSocSc (Social Anthropology), University of Cape Town.

Goodrich, A. 2004. Corporeal routes: Climbing towards culture: i-vii & 1-79. MSocSc (Social Anthropology), University of Cape Town.

Manuel, S.C. 2004. Love and desire: Concepts, narratives and practices of sex amongst youths in Maputo City: i-v &1-82. MSocSc (Social Anthropology), University of Cape Town.

Ngxabi, N.E. 2004. Homes or houses?: Strategies of home-making among some amaXhosa in the Western Cape: 1-152. MSocSc (Social Anthropology), University of Cape Town.

Stevens, A. 2004. Visual and textual representations of childhood by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), 1999 to 2003: 1-96. MPhil (Development Studies), degree by coursework and minor dissertation, University of Cape Town.

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University Publications and Works of a Popular Nature

Levine, S. 2004. Review of 'History after apartheid: Visual culture and public memory in a democratic South Africa'. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 10(4): 907-908.

Pendleton, W. 2004. Regionalizing xenophobia? Citizen attitudes to Immigration and Refugee Policy in southern Africa. Migration Policy Series, 30(2004): 1-49.

Ross, F.C. 2004. Review of 'Uniting a Divided City: Governance and social exclusion in Johannesburg'. Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 10(2): 485-486.

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